— Cash transfer for reduced poverty levels- Kabanshi

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Cash transfer for reduced poverty levels – Kabanshi

Kawambwa, January 6th , 2015, ZANIS —–  Government  says the social cash transfer is there to reduce poverty levels among the vulnerable people in the country.

Community Development, Mother and Child Health minister , Emerine Kabanshi says the money given to vulnerable people is not from Satanists noting it is genuine cash

She notes that there have been some myths about the social cash transfer adding this is why she is in Kawambwa to launch the programme and explain to the people.

The minister says the number of beneficiaries will be increasing in the area.


ZANIS reports that the minister said this in Kawambwa today when she paid a courtesy call on District Commissioner, Ivo Mpasa.

Mrs Kabanshi, however adds that plans are underway to decentralize the Social Cash Transfer Scheme.

And District Commissioner, Ivo Mpasa says the district is grateful for the social cash transfer given to the vulnerable people in the area.

Mr Mpasa says so far there are 1,962 people benefiting from social cash transfer in the district.

He says the funds have really boosted the vulnerable people’s livelihoods as they are now able to pay for the inputs.

Mr Mpasa says the scheme is helping the vulnerable people as it has brought dignity at their homes.