Nevers warns rebel MMD MPs

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Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Nevers has warned his Members of Parliament supporting rival presidential candidates that they risk losing their parliamentary seats.


And following the revocation of the 10 presidential nominations on the MMD NEC, 12 have been selected to take over as nominated members of the NEC with immediate effect.


This is contained in a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka this evening.


And Dr Mumba has threatened that he will write to the Speaker of the National Assembly demanding for the removal of MPs from Parliament as they will be deemed to have crossed the floor of the House by supporting a candidate other than that of the MMD.


He has since directed National Secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima to write to all erring MPs and National Executive Committee members who have taken this path to re-think their positions.


Dr Mumba said the party has re-positioned itself in order to successfully contest in the January 20 presidential by-election.


He stated that he has observed that some MMD members are making decisions meant to destabilize the party by opting to publicly endorse a presidential candidate who is not the Party’s presidential hopeful.


He said the MMD constitution states that one of the obligations of a member is to be loyal and committed to the ideals and programs of the party.


And the 10 nominated NEC members that have been selected are Emmanuel Chihili (North-Western) ,Frank Bowa (Muchinga), Stephen Mukuka (Northern), Raphael Nakachinda (Southern) and Lisa Passi (Eastern).


Others are Sheila Kalubi (Southern), Rev. Reuben Sambo (Eastern), Tobias Maliti (North-Western), Albert Chimwemwe (Luapula) and Basil Mulunga (Copperbelt).


Dr Peter Machungwa and Georgina Mutale  have been appointed Trustees for Luapula and Northern provinces respectively.


Dr Mumba hoped that the recent developments in the party were the genesis of the birthing process of a new, re-branded MMD.