My enemies wishing me ill health-Edgar

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Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential
candidate Edgar Lungu has dispelled rumours that he is sick and that
he was recently evacuated to South Africa for medical treatment.

ZANIS reports from Kaputa that Mr. Lungu said he was very fit and energetic adding that it is only his enemies that are wishing him ill health.

He described such accusations as acts of witchcraft by his enemies who
only want to see him sick.

The PF Presidential candidate called on his supporters to however pray for him that he may
continue to enjoy good health.

Mr Lungu who on Saturday rescheduled his campaign visit to
Kaputa district said he was looking for more money for the campaigns.

Mr. Lungu added that campaigns are a tough undertaking which needed a lot of money explaining that he had gone to Nigeria for some developmental

The PF candidate said this when he addressed a mammoth rally at Kaputa
Primary School grounds in Kaputa district this afternoon.

Mr. Lungu who earlier called on Acting Chieftaines Kaputa also took a
ride around Kaputa boma where he was cheered by several PF supporters,
Kaputa residents ,including children.

He has also reiterated the PF commitment not to use government
resources in the on-going campaigns saying government money should go
towards development of the nation.

And Mr. Lungu has promised to be a servant of the people and to listen
to their cries once elected into office.

He said he has also heard the cries of the people of Kaputa over the
need for a tarred road stating that the Kaputa roads were already in the
plans for the Ministry of Works and Supply.

He urged the people of Kaputa to continue supporting the PF and
assured them that his administration will work on the roads.

Mr. Lungu emphasized the need for a good road network in the
development of the nation saying the PF government has put that on top
of its agenda.

He has castigated opposition political leaders who were talking ill of
the PF road infrastructure development that the same people are now
telling the people that they will continue on the plan that the late
President Michael Sata had started.

He asked the people not to listen to such views as they may mislead them.

Mr. Lungu further urged his supporters who have lost their voters
cards to go and replace them to ensure that they vote for him in the
January 20th Presidential election.

And Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe said only the PF has
the numbers in parliament to form the next government so that it could easily pass the national budget and laws.

He urged the people of Kaputa to rally behind the PF to ensure
that they continue with the developments that it had initiated in the

And Kaputa Member of Parliament Maxas Ng’onga said PF was a listening
government and will deliver a good road network to the area.

Mr. Ng’onga appealed to Mr. Lungu to honour the promise of constructing roads saying the PF will be assured of good votes even in 2016 if this was done.


  1. the same organisers of the debate never wanted edgar at first God fought for him so he is maxmising his few day in campains not in debates which u will twist imwe bamukukulu.edgar ewasalwa