2)–Medics caution over Ebola

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Medics caution over Ebola

Mansa, December, 30, 2014, ZANIS ————– Health authorities in Mnasa have warned  residents to remain alert about the Ebola virus.

Acting District Community Medical Officer Steven Ngoyi says although the Ebola virus has been controlled in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo there is still need to observe preventive measures of good hygiene practices.

ZANIS reports that Mr Ngoyi who said in an interview today that while the Ebola virus has been controlled in the DRC, awareness campaigns have continued in the district.

He said the District Community Medical Team has continued to hold public meetings in strategic areas in the district to ensure that people are kept updated about the deadly virus.

He said although no case of the disease has been reported, the district still remained fully equipped at the provincial headquarters with protective gear to fight the Ebola virus in case of any outbreak.

The District Community Medical Officer has since emphasized the need for people to stop the consumption of wild animals, bats, chimpanzees and monkeys and to avoid coming into close contact with their blood, secretions, organs and other bodily fluids of such animals.