Christmas baby at Choma General Hospital put on oxygen

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————————Choma General hospital has recorded one male Christmas baby who was born with medical complications and has been put on oxygen.


This came to light when Choma District Commissioner(DC) Bernadette Haamweemba went to present gifts to babies born on Christmas.


At Shampande clinic Priclla Kanidila gave birth to a baby girl.


Priclla Kanidila’s close relatives were nowhere near the bedside as they had suspected that she was having an abortion when in fact she was in labour.


Ms. Haamweemba who expressed sympathy with the young mother dressed the baby which had no clothes and presented a baby hamper to the mother who had not prepared for the arrival of the baby.


Ms. Haamweemba has since called on medical workers in the district to intensify sensitisation of the importance of giving birth from a medical facility as this helps save lives.


She expressed sadness at the low rate of women and girls giving birth at health institutions in preference to giving birth at home.


And the Midwife on duty at Shampande clinic Charity Muzunda expressed gratitude for the gifts given to Priclla Kanidila’s baby.


She said the clinic records up to 70 births every month and any support given is always appreciated.


The two gift hampers costing K1,200 contained washing and bathing soaps, baby clothes, nappies, a bucket, bathing dishes among others.