PF is intact, says Scott

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Acting President Guy Scott says there is no split in the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) noting that the party is intact.

Dr. Scott said the PF held democratic elections where various aspiring candidates stood but Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu was elected president and the sole PF candidate for the January 20, 2015 elections.

He said all PF members, including those that aspired for the top leadership of the party, were now supporting Mr. Lungu.

The Acting President dispelled assertions by some sections of the media and opposition political parties that there was a breakdown down in the ruling party.

Dr. Scott, whos is also PF vice president was speaking when he met chief Mboroma, chief Chitina and chief Mulungwe in Mkushi at the District Commissioner’s office today.

He however called on the lower organs of the party to stop the alleged intimidation of some party members that supported losing candidates.

He said the top leadership of the party will not allow some of its members to bully others on account of them exercising their democratic right of supporting a candidate of their choice.

And addressing party members at the council chambers, Dr. Scott said he was concerned that various factions had emerged in the party following the demise of late President Michael Sata.

He said the party has just been in power for three years and there were plenty of things it needed to do in order to develop all parts of the country.

He said the party therefore needs more time to complete its projects.

Dr. Scott appealed to the people of Mkushi to give the PF and its president support in the forthcoming presidential elections.

And Chief Mboroma assured Dr. Scott that the traditional leadership in the country will ensure peace and order reigns during and after the elections.

The traditional leader has meanwhile urged government to address the many challenges facing the district such as bad roads, schools and clinics.

Meanwhile, Chief Chitina thanked the PF for putting behind their differences which he said were detrimental to the growth and development of the nation.

He hoped the reconciliation was not cosmetic but a sincere one.

Chief Mulungwe said Zambia need peace and tranquillity for it to continue on a sustained path of growth and development.

He said the chiefs in the area were behind the PF which has shown its willingness to develop all parts of the country as can be seen from the various development projects it has embarked on since assuming power three years ago.

Dr. Scott arrived in MKushi district around 10:12 hours aboard the presidential chopper in the company of PF secretary general Davis Chama, Agriculture Minister Wilbur Simuusa, Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili and his special private secretary Robert Kamalata.

He was received by Central Province minister Obvious Mwaliteta, Community Development Deputy Minister Ingrid Mphande and Central Province PF chairperson Benson Chali.

Dr. Scott is later in the afternoon expected to address a rally in the area.