Sikota speaks on January 20th polls

Sakwiba Sikota
Sakwiba Sikota

Lusaka based Prominent Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota says the upcoming elections on 20th January 2015 are going to be like no other election that Zambia has had.

Mr. Sikota says the course of Zambia’s history is bound to open a chapter which most people are praying will be one that is smooth and peaceful.

Mr. Sikota notes that there has been a lot of Intra party squabbles which at times have been ugly to say the least.

He says almost everyone is hoping this does not turn into inter party battles and violence.

The Prominent Lawyer furthermore notes that this in turn has made many people constantly cast nervous and wary eyes at men in uniform hoping that the temptation to step in does not arise.

Posting on his facebook page, Mr. Sikota says he has interacted with all of the main political players in Zambia and knows them just like they also know him.

He says he has been lucky to be able to comfortably mingle in the company of all of them because he believes politics is not something that should divide them but instead is something that should peacefully regulate exchange of ideas.

He has also observed that the Church has to play its role in ensuring harmony, peace and reconciliation not in only one party but in all parties and between all parties.


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