Scott certain of victory

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Scott certain of victory


Kabwe, Dec 21/14-ZANIS……………………Acting President, Guy Scott, has expressed confidence that the Patriotic Front will emerge victorious during the January 20, 2015 presidential by-elections.


And Dr Scott has assured the nation that the disturbance that had recently erupted in the PF has be settled.


He said this in Kabwe today at a public meeting to drum up support for PF Presidential candidate and party president, Edgar Lungu.


‘’I have come to Kabwe to do a simple job, which is simply to tell you that there is only one PF and that one PF is 100 per cent intact. Allow me to say that the disturbance in the party is over and we are moving ahead because we only have 30 days to campaign before elections,’’ he said.


The Acting President added that the Patriotic Front will win the elections and complete the late President Michael Sata’s term.


And Patriotic Front President, Edgar Lungu, said only a genuine PF member and loyalist can succeed departed President, Michael Sata, as party President.


Mr Lungu said he is optimistic that he will emerge victorious come January 20, 2015.


He said he is not bothered by some promises that are being made by the opposition political parties such as UPND because they are basically stealing some sentences from the PF manifesto.


‘’Let me tell you something. HH is lying to you. He is going round telling civil servants that if you vote for me I will better your salaries to K5000.00 for the least paid worker when he is the one that strongly objected when we hiked civil servants pay to 300 per cent. What kind of a man is this?’’ He questioned.

Mr Lungu said Zambians should not pay attention to fake politicians who are simply stealing some notes from the PF manifesto in an effort to solicit for people’s votes.


He said late president, Michael Sata’s vision was clear and that it is hilarious for people like HH to think they can win an election by hijacking what is already enshrined in the PF manifesto.


‘’Reducing mealie-meal prices is already on the PF agenda and as government we are working tirelessly to localise production to cut down on some costs and I do not see why someone should be going round thinking they can win an election based on that premise,’’ he said.


And Mr Lungu says the issue of fired nurses is now a non-issue because the government has already reinstated the nurses after they showed remorse to the government.


He also said he will ensure that China-Mulungushi Textiles is operational before the elections because it falls under his office as Defence Minister.


He said the investor has already signed for the take over and that the company will start its operations as soon as everything is in place.


‘’As you may  be aware, Mulungushi Textiles had been closed for a long time and after signing, the investor has indicated that he requires a bit of time to put certain things in place to ensure that all is well before it starts its operations,’’ he said.


Meanwhile, PF National Chairperson, Inonge Wina, has thanked all genuine Patriotic Front members who have remained steadfast during the infighting that had surrounded the party.


Ms Wina said she is very proud of the genuine PF members for their patience and understanding and for believing in the ruling PF.


‘’There is so much talk about violence in the PF by some criminal elements and sadly what the nation does not realise or know is that such stories are fake stories emanating from the evil elements who want to penetrate the party,’’ she said.


Earlier, Mandevu Member of Parliament, Jean Kapata,  a named newspaper publication against falsehood.


Ms Kapata said the newspaper must stop misleading the nation because Zambians were entitled to the truth.


She threatened that the government will stop making any adverts in that particular newspaper if it does not switch to ethical reporting.


Also addressing the crowd was Kabwata MP, Given Lubinda, Local government Minister, Emmanuel Chenda, Sports Minister, Chishimba Kambwili, and Lusaka Mayor, Mulenga Sata.


Others include, former vice President, Lupando Mwape, Former MMD Minister, George Chulumanda and Kasama Member of Parliament, Geoffrey Mwamba, among others.



  1. Politics of Falsehood and desperation. Am hearing Edgar is doing this and that. When did he start doing all that when he is not yet in Power!!!!!! Come on. Don’t jump the Gun,

  2. Never too late! PF projects will tell! Continuity this is PF’s projects let them finish them sorry try next time!