Re-instating fired nurses is a fluke – Mumba

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—-Opposition MMD president, Nevers Mumba, says the reinstating of 570 health workers is a mere fluke.


Dr Mumba says some of the fired nurses have left the country for greener pastures while others have since died.


He says it was unfortunate that government has re-engaged the nurses at the time of presidential election.


The opposition leader was speaking in Lusaka today when he addressed journalists at the party secretariat.


“It is unfortunate that the PF government has re-instated all the 570 health workers that were fired in 2013. It is a fluke because some of the nurses have left the country for Botswana and South Africa and other countries. PF is window dressing; it is a joke because some have since passed on,” Dr Mumba said.


He accused government of being adamant when he earlier on advised government to re-instate the fired nurses but it had to wait for presidential election to be near. 


Government sacked all the nurses who staged an illegal strike in 2013 to the displeasure of some stakeholders.  


Minister of Health, Joseph Kasonde, yesterday announced that his ministry has re-instated all the fired nurses.


Dr Kasonde told a media briefing in Lusaka that out of the number that were initially dismissed, 67 were immediately reinstated after clarification of their circumstances.


He added that 431 who had re-applied have since been re-appointed while 71 have had their cases processed and are free to collect their letters of re-engagement.


Dr Kasonde said only one staff member died.


The minister said the matter of the fired nurses will now rest.