ZRA sensitises Kalulushi business people on paying tax through online

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——-The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has embarked on a program of sensitising business people in Kalulushi on the importance of paying taxes through online.

Inspector of Taxes, Samson Simfukwe told ZANIS in Kalulushi in an interview today that the rationale behind the exercise was to enable business firms in the district appreciate the importance of paying presumption tax using online as it would reduce the hurdles small and medium enterprises went through when settling their taxes.

Mr Simfukwe observed that ZRA had no presence in the district hence the introduction of online payment compliance easier.

He said if compliance was easier, faster and cheaper for the tax payers, then they would be more inclined to making their payment, hence the company’s revenue would be increased.

The Inspector of Taxes said tax would help to boost businesses as the cost of travelling from Kalulushi to Kitwe would have reduced.

Mr Simfukwe said paying tax through online was more like a one-stop shop for tax affairs.

Tax Online is a web-based system that is used for tax payers for submission of returns, e-queries and also making e-buyers.