UPPP’s Muliokela asks for more time

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—United Poor People’s Party (UPPP) president, Alex Muliokela, has requested the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) for more time to enable him file in his nomination papers before Acting Chief Justice, Ms. Lombe. 


The 2015 aspiring presidential candidate told ECZ officials for an upward adjustment in the on-going nomination exercise.


Mr Muliokela was this after expected to bring with him 200 supporters as required by law for aspirants seeking to contest for presidency.


ECZ officials could not reject Mr Muliokela’s request but obliged, saying they looked forward to see him present and declare his assets on December, 20th or 21st, 2014.


“I came here at the Supreme Court to inform the electoral body to give me enough time to file in my nomination papers because l can’t manage today. I’m happy that ECZ officials have permitted me to present my documents on Saturday or Sunday (December 20 or 21st),” he said.


ECZ Public Relations Manager, Cris Akufuna, thanked Mr Muliokela for informing the Commission on time.


Mr Akufuna said the Commission would have been in limbo had the opposition leader not come.


And Mr Muliokela told Journalists that he is confident that he would un-seat the PF on January 20, 2015.


He claimed that his door-to-door campaigns are effective and has won a lot of sympathizers’ hearts and passion ahead of next year’s presidential poll.


Meanwhile, opposition National Revolution Party (NRP) leader, Cosmo Mumba, says he would give the Zambian people the constitution within a period of one month if elected president next year.


Dr Mumba told Journalists ahead of the presidential filing in nomination exercise that he would not give the Lozi people the Barotse Agreement signed in 1964.


He said the constitution is critical at the moment for the Zambian people as opposed to the Barotse Agreement just for one ethnic group.


The opposition NRP leader is expected to file his nominations on December 21, 2014. 


He appealed to the Zambian people to vote for him on January 20, next year. 


Dr Mumba is among ten males and a female presidential aspiring candidates vying for State House.