PF in Mpika warn Scott to leave PF

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——————- Patriotic Front (PF) Muchinga Provincial Political Secretary Catherine Chileshe has charged that Acting President Dr. Guy Scott should leave the Patriotic Front (PF) Party and join any other political party of his choice.


Speaking in Mpika today in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) Ms. Chileshe said it is sad to see Dr. Scott bulldozing and wanting to destroy PF in full view of every one.


Ms. Chileshe pointed out that Dr. Scott’s behaviour is an act of gloss insubordination and indiscipline which should not be tolerated by any well-meaning PF member.


She wondered how Dr Scott was going to leave a legacy of peace in the country in the three months he has been entrusted to act as President, if he cannot abide by the rule of law of his own political party.


 She pointed out that it is a serious act of indiscipline for Dr. Scott to perform party activities  without the blessings of the party President and members of the Central Committee.


Ms. Chileshe said Dr. Scott’s behaviour in the recent past has shown that he is not interested in seeing the PF succeeding adding that his maneuvers are calculated at seeing the party losing the January 20, 2015 presidential by-election.


Ms Chileshe said Muchinga Province is totally behind Party President Edgar Lungu adding that the province will not be disturbed by any act of obstruction by Dr Scott or anyone else.