RTSA Advised to Spread Fast Truck Courts to Other Provinces

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——————Monze District Commissioner Biggie Mwiinde has challenged the Road Transport and Safety Agency(RTSA) to consider introducing  fast track courts in other parts of the country where road accidents are on the increase.


And RTSA  District  Director for Monze Jean Chewe attributed soaring traffic accidents to lack of knowledge on pedestrian safety by road users.


Officially launching the Road Safety week under the theme, “Everyone is a Pedestrian. Be Smart. Be Safe. Be Seen; Make Sure Drivers Can See You”, in Monze today Mr. Mwiinde said while information is critical in changing road user behaviour, it was important that people are practical in appreciating law enforcement as a deterrent to traffic offences.


Mr. Mwiinde implored RTSA to ensure that the fast track court system does not only end in Lusaka but that it is extended to other provinces such as the Copperbelt and Southern.

He further challenged RTSA to extend  its road safety information dissemination programmes to children especially in community schools, on the streets and in remote parts of the country.


“Whilst I recognize your many community awareness initiatives, I must say you still have a lot to achieve because Zambia still has a good number of children in community schools, on the streets and in remote parts of the country that need information on road safety,” Mr. Mwiinde said.


The Monze District Commissioner further stressed the need for better coordination between government agencies such as the Road Development Agency (RDA), National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) and RTSA in promoting safer road users.


He observed that several reports compiled by RTSA indicate that Road markings and signage on various roads in the country are sometimes poor, non-existent and often wrongly marked thereby misinforming road users.


He added that if there was fruitful coordination between RDA and RTSA such reports would be included in road designs and maintenance programmes.


And Mrs Chewe said road accidents involving pedestrians have been as a result of lack of knowledge on road usage by road users.


She said it was for this reason that the agency was working tirelessly to ensure that road carnages involving pedestrians was brought to zero through increased sensitization on pedestrian visibility.


She called on all stakeholders to partners with RTSA in disseminating appropriate and correct road safety messages that are in line with the National Road safety action plan.