Kafue Peasant farmers call for intervention in land wrangle

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—Peasant  farmers  in Kafue district  have  appealed to  government through the District Commissioner’s   office  to intervene  in  Kafue East  Forest  69 land wrangles.

Representing other peasant farmers, Bonny Mwanza accused the council of having demarcated the land in question and allocated plots  to  people who have since started some constructions on it.


ZANIS  reports  that  Mr Mwanza revealed that  in 2002 the Commissioner of Lands  instructed  the Kafue District Council to allocate land  to  peasant farmers  who have  been cultivating  on the  land  in question since  1987.


He   accused the local authority for ignoring the order from the Commissioner of Lands and   went to allocate land to people from Lusaka and other surrounding   areas.


Mr Mwanza has since appealed to Kafue District Council to demarcate the land into small holdings to enable the peasant farmers continue with farming as it is their source of income.


And  Kafue District Council Secretary, Aron Kamalondo,  has refuted  the  allegation   that  the local authority is allocating   plots  in the  said  forest  to people.


Mr Kamalondo noted that the council is still waiting for a go-ahead from the Commissioner of Lands to allocate plots to the peasant farmers.  


Meanwhile, Kafue District Commissioner, Grace Ngulube, has advised the famers to continue cultivating their  fields  as the matter is being  resolved.


Ms  Ngulube  said  government  is committed  to  look into the welfare of  its citizenry, and Kafue district residents  in particular.


The District Commissioner  said  government  will not allow selfish individuals taking advantage of the poor  in her district.


She  noted  that  most of affected people are senior citizens, mostly women, hence the need  for support  from the  government and  the community at large.


Ms  Ngulube  emphasized  the need to help the old people in society  and quoted  Ephesians 6:I-3.which emphasizes on honouring  parents.


She  assured  the farmers that her office will follow up the matter with  relevant authorities.


More  than 800 peasant  farmers  in Kafue  district stormed  the  District Commissioner’s   office  to seek her  intervention  in the land wrangle  in Kafue East Forest 69.



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