Mwense DVEC trains Voter Education Facilitators

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Mwense DVEC trains Voter Education Facilitators

Mwense, Dec15/14 ZANIS———–The District Voter Education Committee (DVEC) in Mwense district has trained 16 Voter Education Facilitators (VEFs) to educate members of the public about the forth coming presidential elections.

Speaking during the closure of the two-day-workshop held at the council guest house, DVEC Coordinator, David Silwamba, said the training was meant to equip the facilitators with skills to educate the electorates on the importance of participating in an elections.

Mr Silwamba urged the VEFs to follow the rules, values and principles
of the programme as they execute their civic education activities.

He said facilitators who will not uphold the programme principles of non-partisanship, objectivity and neutrality and not adhering to the code of conduct risked having their services discontinued.

Mr Silwamba further encouraged the facilitators to carry out their duties diligently and ensure that every member of the community is educated about what is involved in voting.

He said once the electorates are educated, the likelihood of voter apathy, rejected and spoiled ballot papers would be reduced.

He said the programme will help the voters to make informed decisions when voting hence the need for VEFs to diligently execute their duties.

The 16 VEFs have since been deployed.