— Political party cadres urged to stop harassing scribes

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Political party cadres urged to stop harassing scribes


Lusaka, December 14, 2014,ZANIS —-  .A political analyst Stanford Lizu has advised political party leaders to advise their respective parties’ cadres from harassing journalists ahead of the January 14, 2014 presidential by election.

Mr Lizu says  this was because Journalists play an important role as gate keepers in society by informing, educating and entertaining masses.


He said it was important for political parties especially those contesting the forth coming January 20th, 2015 Presidential By-elections to advise their cadres from  attacking scribes a trend he said is detrimental to the country’s continued peace and stability.


He said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS)in Lusaka today.

Mr Lizu stated that journalists need to be protected by all political players because they have a major role to play in the nation’s democratic dispensation by informing the public of what is happening.

He noted that if political party cadres continue with this barbaric act of attacking journalists, people will be scared of exercising their political right to vote on January 20,2014.

Mr Lizu also called on the Church to continue praying for peace ahead of the forth coming presidential bye  election.


Yesterday, a renowned party cadres harassed and eventually roughed up  a MUVI TV cameraman , a taxi man and a fellow party member in Mongu where PF president Edgar Lungu had gone to campaign for the forthcoming January 20 by- elections.