— Lungu pledges to review retirement age

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Lungu pledges to review retirement age

Lusaka, December 14, 2014,ZANIS  —- All roads led to Mandevu Compound today, as hundreds of citizens trouped to the township grounds for a PF rally in  Lusaka.

And PF candidate in the January 20, 2015 presidential elections Edgar Lungu has called on Zambians to vote for him on January 20, 2015 for the continued infrastructure and economic development in the country.

Meanwhile , Mr. Lungu  vowed to review the recently increased retirement age for civil servants once he is elected Republican President.


The PF President , who addressed a mammoth rally whose Master of Ceremony was Chiefs and Traditional Affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo,  said once elected into power, he will  ensure that jobs are created in the country in order to reduce poverty .

ZANIS reports that  Mr Lungu said he is a God fearing person who is going to govern the nation according to the wishes of the Zambian people.

Mr Lungu said the people of Zambia should not be cheated by what he termed as desperate opposition  party leaders  who he said were busy cheating them that they will be able to govern this country better  than  the Patriotic Front (PF) administration.

He pledged that once ushered in as Republican President on January 20th, 2015, he is going to ensure the independence of the Judiciary, legislature and executive without government interference.

Meanwhile,   Mr. Lungu has vowed to review the recently increased retirement age for civil servants once he is elected Republican President.



Mr Lungu charged that there was no consensus to increase the retirement age for public service workers from 55 to 65 years as the matter was still under consultation.



He told the PF campaign that  late President Michael Sata did not sign into law the proposal because he  (Late President Sata ) did not agree with the proposed increase and called for further consultations.



However, Acting President Guy Scott signed a statutory instrument affecting the increase in the retirement age.



Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska recently defended government’s decision to increase the retirement age.



Dr Msiska said the current pension schemes in the country do not meet the retirement benefits of civil servants.



He charged that the schemes are bankrupt and sending retired civil servants into destitution.



The PF leader also pledged to recognize Henry Kanyata Sosala as the ChitiMukulu of the Bemba Royal Establishment.



Mr Lungu said government was committed to addressing the matter and that once elected he will sign a statutory instrument to recognize Mr Sosala as the ‘ Mwine Lubemba .’




Mr Lungu also assured the country that the new constitution will be ready for use in 2016.



Speaking at the same rally,  Education Minister  Dr John Phiri said Zambians should not vote for old tired politicians on January 20, 2015.

Dr  Phiri said it is only the PF under the leadership of Edgar Lungu will the country be able to develop for the benefit of the Zambian people.

The Education  minister  said the people of Eastern Province have assured Mr Lungu 100 percent votes come January 20, 2015.

He said those enemies of Mr Lungu either within the party or outside the party  will be scattering one by one adding that they will not achieve their miscued agenda.

And  Kabwata Area Member of Parliament Given Lubinda said the UPND manifesto is a weak one and that it is utopia for them to implement what they are promising to the  Zambian people.

Mr Lubinda said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not cheat people that he will govern the nation with a cabinet of 25 MPS.

He said people should vote for Mr Lungu who will be able to take forward the legacy of the late President Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, Chililabombwe Member of Parliament  Ester Banda said Zambians should give PF a chance to rule this country for  continued development.

Ms Banda said even when president Sata left  the nation, he had to leave  instrument of power with Edgar Lungu because he knew that he was a capable person.

She said there are so many people the late president Michael Sata would have left to act , but that he was satisfied with the able leadership of Mr Edgar Lungu.