–Petitioners call for urgent reforms of the Judiciary

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Some petitioners in Sesheke district says there is urgent need to reform the judiciary to enhance access to justice.

And a 63 year-old petitioner of Simanewe village has called for a dress code law to be put in place to address the rising rape cases in the country.


Most of them lamented that untold delays in disposing court cases were rampant in the district resulting in high expenses by citizens who travel distances to attend sessions.

Ebi Ilukuyi of suburbs compound submitted that she has been attending court sessions since 2012 when she sued a business woman for defrauding her of K60,000 in a failed transaction

Another petitioner, Arthur Sikananu,58 of Yamango area submitted recommended that a law should be put in place to give a time limit in which the courts should hear and dispose of cases so that justice can be seen to be done.

Mr Sikananu also said that delays by police to take cases to court were resulting in congestion at Sesheke prison therefore worsening its already deplorable conditions.

His counterpart ,  62 year-old Matomola Lubinda of Savelo compound in Sesheke also submitted the law must stipulate the time frame in which courts should hear cases.


He said that this was because the cost of legal representation was unbearable and had detrimental effects on the poor people.

Mr Lubinda recommended a law for reasonable legal fees should be enacted because the Legal Aid Board where people can access fair representation is not effective and most instances not available in districts.

And 36 year-old Mweetwa Mwanamuke submitted that most people in rural areas do not know about the existence of the Legal Aid Board adding that Sesheke residents travel over 600 kilo metres to Mongu to access the services which he recommended should be decentralized to district level.

Meanwhile, a 63 year-old petitioner of Simanewe village has called for a dress code law to be put in place to address the rising rape cases in the country.

Mr. Charles Mulele told the sitting that a dress code was inevitable to address the high rate of rape cases which he said were due to seductive dressing by some women.


"Women have a role to play in the offence of rape due to seductive dressing ranging from transparent clothes to tight trousers", said Mr Charles Mulele.

But Commissioner Emily Sikazwe , from Women for Change,  asked the petitioner if he was aware that even 70 year-old women in villages were being raped indiscriminately and wondered whether this had anything to do with seductive dress codes.

The petitioner responded that he was aware about elderly being raped and that even them sometimes dressed provocatively.

However, Justice Fredrick Chomba expressed disappointment that at his age the petitioner could make such a submission adding the Commission expected him to make a serious submission as opposed to taking issues lightly.

The Legal and Justice Sector Reforms Commission held a one-day public hearing in Sesheke district today at the District Council chambers before proceeding to the Southern province for a five-day tour.