— One Stop Centre to be opened in Chienge District

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One Stop Centre to be opened in Chienge

Mansa, December 12, 2014 – ZANIS – United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) says it plans to set up a ‘One Stop Centre’ in Chienge District of Luapula Province to address the increased cases of gender based violence (GBV) in the region.


UNICEF Child Protection Officer Annie Sampa  says her Organization in conjunction with other partners  will by March next year 2015 set up the facility to address the increased number of  GBV cases in the area.


She said her Organization with the help of the Irish and Swedish Fund has so far set aside 2,000 US Dollars to set up two ‘One Stop Centers’ in Chienge and Northern Province.


ZANIS reports that the UNICEF Child protection officer was speaking in an interview in Mansa today.


The ‘One Stop Center’ to be based at Mansa General Hospital will enable people living in outskirts of  Mansa to access anti- GBV services .


And Mansa District ‘One Stop Centre’ Coordinator Chimba Chimba says GBV cases were on the increase in Chiengi District up north of Mansa district.


Speaking in a separate interview with ZANIS , today, Mr. Chimba said there was need to come up with an action plan  that  will curb the scourge in the area.


He said currently there were two community help desks in Chienge situated at Mununga and Puta  have been set up to curb the vice.


Two other similar desks  have also been set up  in Milenge East and Milenge West and linked to the One Stop Centre in Mansa.


The desks capture the cases in respective areas before they are referred to either the police or the ‘One Stop Center’ in Mansa.


Between January and November 2014, the Mansa ‘One Stop Centre’ has recorded to date recorded 731 cases of spousal battery, 170 cases of economic abuse, 140 cases of home desertion, 131 cases of child labour, 112 cases of child neglect, 89 cases of rape, 70 cases of property grabbing, 65 cases of defilement, 56 cases of marital disputes and three cases of incest which totalled 1,567 cases.