PF has done enough in Luapula – Chipili

Warming up for the arrival of PF President Edgar Lungu
Warming up for the arrival of PF President Edgar Lungu

CHIPILI member of Parliament (MP) Davies Mwila says the opposition will soon have no reason to do politics in Luapula Province because the PF government has already developed the region.
Mr Mwila told Parliament that people of the Luapula Province are happy with developmental projects the PF government is carrying out in the area and that they are not ready to change government now.
Contributing to debate on estimates of expenditure for the province, Mr Mwila said it was wrong for the opposition to claim that the PF government has done nothing to development the area in the last three years it has been in power.
“In the three years we have been in power we have done a lot of developments which the MMD government failed to do in 20 years,” Mr Mwila said.
Keembe MP Ronnie Shikapwasha (MMD) said it isunfortunate that the PF government has managed to develop Luapula Province at the expense of other provinces such as Western, North-Western and Central.
“Regional development should unite the country but what is transpiring in the PF government is wrong where development is concentrated in one province only,” he said.
He also said the debate that Luapula Province is a no-go area for the opposition must be stopped because it is a threat to national development.
Gen Shikapwasha said it was unfortunate that Western Province is under-developed while Luapula enjoying massive development.
And Monze MP Jack Mwiimbu (UPND) advised government to provide information on the status of the Bemba paramount chiefs.
Mr Mwiimbu also asked the speaker why Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has suddenly become quiet and seemingly depressed in the House.
He said the PF government should not claim that MMD failed because some of the ministers in the government were in MMD before joining PF.
“In the 20 years of MMD government, some of the members that were in government then are now in the PF government, so they should not claim that MMD failed then, it is them who failed,” he said.


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