NAMA to award artists tomorrow

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The National Association of Media Arts (NAMA) says all is set for tomorrows Zambia Film, Television and Radio (ZAFTAR) award giving ceremony which will be held at New Government Complex.

The event will see local film producers, artists and radio presenters get awards for their contribution to the entertainment industry.

Speaking ahead of the grand award giving ceremony, NAMA chairman Patrick Salubusa disclosed to ZANIS that the association has put everything in place for tomorrow’s prize giving ceremony.

He explained that the association wants to honour artists who have continued to contribute in making the film industry tick in the country.

Mr. Salubusa observed that most often, artists were only recognized when they have died hence the decision by NAMA to appreciate them while they are still alive.

He said the film industry in Zambia has seen new talent surfacing, a development which has helped the film industry to flourish.

However, Mr. Salubusa complained that the corporate world has not done enough to help the sector grow.

He pointed out that the business community pays more attention to music album launches than to movie production.

The NAMA chairman however expressed optimism that the film industry in Zambian has the potential to create a lot of employment if the corporate world gets involved.

Mr. Salubusa has since called on the business community to support the Zambian film industry.