Love can end GBV – Zambia Army Deputy Commander

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Love can end GBV – Zambia Army Deputy Commander

LUSAKA, December09,  ZANIS—Zambia Army Deputy Commander Topply Lubaya has attributed the raising number of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the country to lack of love among spouses, parents and guardians.

Major General Lubaya said it was unacceptable for people to inflict pain on children and women including men through inhuman acts of GBV.

Gen Lubaya said it is imperative that wives, husbands and guardians practice love to their children and beloved ones in order to rid households and communities of GBV.

The Deputy Army Chief was speaking in Lusaka today when he opened a one-day workshop for men and women in uniform, women’s club members and civilian employees intended to address GBV.

Gen Lubaya observed that the army has not been spared from GBV as its personnel and communities at the Army Battalion headquarters in particular and the army in general have been affceted.

And speaking earlier, Acting Zambia Army Gender Focal Point Officer Genoh Muke urged wives, husbands and guardians to be open and report any form of GBV at their place of work, homes and various for a so that perpetrators of GBV are dealt with accordingly.

Lieutenant Colonel Muke urged people to dialogue instead of engaging in violent acts which are a violation of human rights.

Lt-Col. Muke said the workshop is an eye opener on issues of GBV and challenged the participants to use the gained knowledge to address the vice..