GBM awaits Lungu’s invitation to join campaigns

GBM, KAMBWILI, LUBINDA in SOlwezi. Wynter is gone. Let's celebrate over Katubi & Katata.

Ruling PF Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba says he can only join his party’s campaigns if party President Edgar Lungu formally invites him.
Mr. Mwamba who earlier indicated his readiness to support Mr. Lungu, who is the PF candidate for the 2015 presidential election, says he does not think it is right for anyone other than Mr. Lungu to invite him to join the campaigns.
He has told Qfm News by telephone that he is personally used to the manner in which late President Michael Sata himself as the then PF party president used to invite party members to join campaigns.
The Kasama Central Member of Parliament has recalled that it was late President Sata that personally invited him to for the 2011 general elections campaigns which the saw the PF winning the election.
He further notes that more recently, before his death, President Sata did the same when the ruling party was campaigning for the September 11th 2014 Solwezi central parliamentary by-election.

Mr. Mwamba states that it is for this reason he thinks Mr. Lungu, whom he has described as his good friend, should have taken the trouble of inviting senior party members like him as this is what makes more sense.
He also reiterated the need for all party members to unite and work together adding that those that have taken leadership positions of the party should in like manner embrace every member of the party.
Mr. Mwamba if party members do not work together it may prove difficult for the ruling PF to win the 2015 presidential election and thereby retain the presidency.
Reporting by Lazarous Sichula