Chikankata DC commends council

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Chikankata DC commends council

Chikankata, October 8, ZANIS… Chikankata District Commissioner Sylvester Simayaba has commended Chikankata District Council for the great work done in the management and utilization of Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mr. Simayaba said unlike many districts that have been complaining that CDF was not properly used and managed, Chikankata has started and completed several projects using CDF.

He was speaking during the official handover of the newly built market, at a total cost of K195, 000 in Chikankata district yesterday.

“This is a rare event because in many districts projects are never completed, year in and out, CDF is applied for the same projects but with Chikankata it is different,” he said.

He said Chikankata District Council has managed to acquire Earth Moving equipment from CDF which has enabled rehabilitation of the roads in the District.

The District Commissioner stressed that CDF is government money and therefore must be used to benefit every citizen in the District.

He appealed to the marketeers to guard jealously the property handed over to them.

And Chikankata Member of Parliament Munji Habeenzu said the market was only the beginning of great development in the District.