— Sinda peasant farmer jailed two years for drug trafficking .

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—— Katete Magistrate Simushi Mwakoi has sentenced a man of Sinda District to two years imprisonment with hard labour for trafficking in 19.2 kilograms of loose cannabis.

Facts before the court were  that Abraham Phiri and Tambudzai Lungu of Sinda District on November 20, 2014 did traffic in Psychotropic substance namely Marijuana weighing 19.2 kilograms am herbal product of cannabis sativa with unlawful authority.   

On the same date the duo had loaded Marijuana on the Zambia-Malawi bus in route to Lusaka.

The couple was later intercepted at Luangwa Bridge by officers from the Drug Enforcement Committee (DEC) after a tip off from the public.

Following a tip off police officers undertook a search of passengers and luggage on the said bus where a big Brown and Black suitcase was found loaded with cannabis. 

Phiri however admitted to the offence and asked the court the exercise leniency as he was a first offender.

In passing judgment Magistrate Mwakoi said the offence committed was more prevalent in the district adding that there is need to deter would be offenders.

Magistrate Mwakoi the sentenced Phiri to two years imprisonment with hard labour and withdrew his wife Lungu as applied by the state prosecution team.