Bemba chief advises electorates to vote for a credible presidential candidate

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—Chief Nkolemfumu of the Bemba speaking people in Kasama has called on the electorates to vote for a credible leader in the forth-coming presidential election.

He said people should vote for a sound leader with the vision to develop Zambia.

Chief Nkulemfumu was speaking in an interview with ZANIS at his palace over the weekend.

He said electorates should not exchange their votes with material things, but vote for a leader who is going to unite the country.

The traditional leader appealed to politicians not to engage in character-assassination but conduct issue-based campaigns to woo votes.

He advised voters to attend campaign rallies for all aspiring candidates so that they can scrutinise them and make wise electoral decisions for the country.

Chief Nkolemfumu urged the youths to make informed decisions and not to be used to cause violence during campaigns.

He also cautioned traditional leaders not to engage themselves in active politics, adding that their role is merely advisory to all political players.