UPND leader pledges to employ good economic management

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Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema says his government will prioritize job creation if elected as president next year.


Mr. Hichilema said his administration will approach this through good economic management, youth empowerment and education and training reforms.


In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Hichilema said good governance was fundamental to job creation.


He said his administration will not allow reckless borrowing by introducing policies that will incentivise the growth of local businesses and encourage investment.


He said this will lead to more jobs being created and increased government revenues that can then be invested in education and training.


Mr. Hichilema said his administration will also focus on youth empowerment through successful business ideas that are sustainable.


He said this means government will provide support through increasing access to relevant training and affordable credit.


Mr. Hichilema added that his administration will also revisit the school curriculum and review training opportunities on offer to youths so that they have the right skills to find working opportunities or start business.


He stressed that his administration will work towards a situation where all Zambians, regardless of their gender or tribe, have the same opportunities available to them.


Mr. Hichilema said the challenge ahead should however, not be underestimated as he believes if people rally behind him, he will make a difference.


Zambia will have presidential by-elections on January 20, 2015 to elect a new president that will succeed the late President Michael Sata. 



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