GBM not attending KItwe PF Presidential campaign

Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF
Lubinda, GBM , Lungu PF

Good evening friends,

I wish to refute claims that are making rounds that I am part of the entourage that will accompany Hon Edgar Lungu MP to launch his Presidential campaign scheduled for Kitwe tomorrow.
Unfortunately I have just heard about it in the media and I was not invited nor was I informed by anyone from the Party. Therefore I will not be part of the entourage.

Nevertheless I wish them well.

God bless

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – GBM


  1. It’s a pity. GBM should have obliged and accompanied his friends. Why entertain bitterness?

  2. He is childish,just can’t think like Kambwili,the language kambwili used that ukufilila munsenga is true there are those who think that way.But the will of the people prevails!

  3. We are not interested in big berries obstructing electorates, thanx GBM that’s.being thoughtfull you