— Govt gives goats to women clubs in Chief Madzimawe’s area

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Govt gives goats to women clubs in Chief Madzimawe’s area

 December 5, 2014, ZANIS — Women clubs and individuals in chiefs Madzimawe’s area in Chipata, eastern province have been given goats as part of government poverty reduction programme in the area.


The donated domestic animals which are thirty in all are expected to double in two years time.


Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu who confirmed this in Chipata today said goats are very good livestock that require minimal efforts to manage.


Mr Zulu said this at a handover ceremony of goats to beneficiaries under a programme known as Alternative Livelihood Programme (ALP), today.

at Madzimawe trading centre in Chief Madzimawe’s area.


The Alternative Livelihood Programme is a component of Food Security Pack Programme that aims at giving livestock on a pass on concept to vulnerable households through the Department of Community development.


The DC noted that being food secure is a basic need for every household and it is the priority of government to ensure that the
vulnerable members of society meet the need.


 Mr Zulu said the aim is to empower the vulnerable members of the communities with an alternative source of income and nutrition at
household level considering that goats are local breeds and are disease resistant.


He stated that besides growing food crops, there is need to promote the production of livestock in rural areas as an alternative source of
income and nutrition.


“The livestock sector is very low in our rural areas and yet this has the potential to grow the economy of our communities and the nation at
large, rearing goats can raise income for many vulnerable households for which they can sell them and use the money to buy farming inputs
for food crops,” he added.



And Chipata District Assistant Community Development Officer Gertrude Nyirenda urged the women to ensure that the goats were well looked
after so that the programme grows to benefit more vulnerable but viable farmers.


Mrs. Nyirenda said government was committed to improving lives of vulnerable but viable farmers through the provision of farming inputs
under the Food Security Pack.


She stated that government is aware that not all the vulnerable but viable farmers can benefit but some can benefit through the livestock
rearing which has dwindled in the past years.


“Money can be raised to meet basic needs if the programme is properly managed where the beneficiaries are responsible by fairly giving out
the female goats to other beneficiaries,” she said.



And in her vote of thanks, Lenia Kamanga of Zilole village in Chief Madzimawe’s area commended government for the programme which she said
will go a long way in uplifting standards of people in rural areas.