People with abilities assured of access to information

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—Government will ensure that persons with disabilities have access to sufficient information to enable them make informed decisions in their lives.

Mansa District Commissioner, Mirriam Kauseni, says government will ensure that persons with disabilities play an active role in society so that they contribute positively especially in issues of HIV/AIDS in which they are most vulnerable.

Mrs Kauseni says persons living with disabilities are still lacking the spirit of inclusion in society, a situation which she said will limit the sustainability of the Millennium Development Goal on persons with disabilities.

ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this in a speech read for her by District Administrative Officer, Evans Sikabbuba, at the commemoration of the ‘International Day of persons living with disabilities held at Muchinka Hall in Mansa.

Mrs Kauseni said government will continue monitoring the mainstreaming of policies and programmes by all line ministries to ensure that services aimed at improving persons with disabilities are delivered.

She said with this year’s theme “sustainable development: the promise of technology”, the use of technology by persons with disabilities will bring sustained development in the country.

And Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD) Provincial Coordinator, Chisomo Zulu, said government is in the process of revamping farms in the province in order to encourage the disabled to take up farming.

Miss Zulu said the coming of farms for the disabled in the province will help them sustain themselves in their lives.

She appealed to government to consider increasing funding to the agency, adding that this would help them in their day to day operations.

Meanwhile, Levy Nshinka thanked government for recognising the day for people living with disabilities.

Mr Nshinka said the day gives them an opportunity to reflect and identify their achievements and challenges throughout the year.

He said there is need for government to put a deliberate policy to allow persons with disabilities get jobs that can be done by disabled people so they too can become self-reliant.