— Kick start International Zambia launches irrigation project in Mongu District

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Kick start International Zambia launches irrigation project in Mongu District


Mongu, Dec 4,2014, ZANIS- – A Non-Governmental Organization, Kick start International Zambia has launched its money maker irrigation pumps in Mongu District of Western Province.

Officiating at the launch Western Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Mwangala Liomba said that over 80 percent of people living in rural areas of the province would benefit from the irrigation pumps as they depended on Agriculture related activities for their livelihood.

Mr. Liomba noted that the irrigation tools in the province were vital to assist farmers grow their crops throughout the year.


He said this in turn would enable in the province  have money to afford balanced diets, education, health care and better shelter.

Mr. Liomba reiterated that government would promote the efficient use of water resources that were abundant for irrigation in the province,  promote high value irrigable crops among small-scale farmers and train farmers in irrigation management systems.

Speaking earlier, Kick Start Mongu Regional Manager Mushala Kapalu lamented that the irrigation tools did not require fuel or electricity to function but only needed the strength from hands and legs to operate.

And Mutumba Isiteketo a local farmer who has been using the irrigation pump said that he has benefited a lot from the tool as he now cultivates throughout the year and even grows winter maize.

Meanwhile, Induna Imandi from the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) noted that Barotseland was once called land of plenty before hunger rampaged the province and thanked Kick Start for availing the irrigation pump to reduce hunger in the province.

The Kick Start launch was attended by different Head of Government Departments, non-governmental organization, farmers groups, Agro-dealers and the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE).