— Govt warns public service workers against engaging in partisan politics

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Govt warns public service workers against engaging in partisan politics

Lusaka, December 4th, ZANIS–Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has reminded public service employees to avoid engaging in partisan politics during the forthcoming presidential by-election.


Dr. Msiska said public servants should stop compromising their official duties but instead they should install confidence among the general public.


He said it is necessary to restate the rules governing the political conduct of public service workers in the light of the forthcoming presidential by-election,

Dr. Msiska reminded public service workers to discharge with royalty the duties assigned to them by the government of the day of whatever political persuasion.


He further said public service workers should serve successive governments of different political complexions in a manner that Ministers and the public can be confident that the personal political views of public servants do not influence or interfere with the discharge of their official duties.


ZANIS reports that this is  contained in a statement issued in Lusaka today.


And Dr. Msiska has advised public servants no to engage in any form of debate through social media such as Facebook and twitter to express their opinion on political matters or divulge government information.


He warned that  to comply with the prescribed rules pertaining to the conduct and discipline of public servants would constitute misconduct which shall result in disciplinary action against erring officers.