Civil servants urged to remain non-partisan

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Mambwe District Administrator Blastone Thole  has challenged civil servants in the district to remain non-partisan during campaigns ahead of the January 20 Presidential polls.

Mr. Thole said civil servants should at all times guard government programs until a new government is ushered into office.

The District Administrator added that civil servants should not allow themselves to be used by politicians in advancing their political schemes.

He advised civil servants to leave politics to politicians and focus on advancing the developmental agenda that for the good of the people they are employed to serve.

Mr. Thole told ZANIS in an interview that Zambians are interested in seeing development continue in all parts of the country.

He urged all politicians to campaign peacefully and avoid using youths in creating violence in the country.

He said that Zambia has been known to be a peaceful country by the world and therefore should preserve its integrity bestowed on it.

He pointed out that peace is one thing that should be guarded jealously adding that once lost the country will find it difficult to regain.

Meanwhile Mr. Thole has pleaded with the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to quickly pay the farmers in Mambwe district.

Mr. Thole said the delay by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in paying farmers has adversely affected farmers especially those in rural areas who largely depend on such sells.

He added that because of the delay in payments by the agency most farmers have found it difficult to buy farming inputs for the next farming season.

He further said government should put more effort in ensuring that farmers are paid in good time so that they can also have adequate time to prepare themselves.