— Lukulu District joins in celebrating World Aids day

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Lukulu District joins in celebrating World Aids day


Lukulu, December 02, 2014, ZANIS — Lukulu district yesterday joined the rest of the country and the world at large in commemorating world AIDS day whose activities were held in Silembe area 20 kilometres away from the BOMA.



Lukulu District AIDS Advisory Coordinator Roselyn Sheba has described this year’s event as successful saying the attendance response was good.



Mrs. Sheba told ZANIS in Lukulu in an interview that just yesterday about 83 people went for VCT and 3 recorded positive.



She disclosed that the prevalence rate for the district has remained at 9 percent for three years consecutively.



The District AIDS Advisory Coordinator attributed this development to good behavioural change being practiced and the condom promotion sensitization which are on-going adding that 7200 male condoms were distributed at the event. 



Mrs. Sheba added that the district is doing well on Prevention of Mother To Child Transmission program saying that 1 out of 10 babes born is HIV/AIDS positive.



And Lukulu District Commissioner Precious Muyenga said that government is committed in the fight against HIV hence it will continue to provide ARVs.


Ms. Muyenga said as Zambia at 50 years, no one should be stigmatized or discriminated due to HIV/AIDS.



She added that talking alone is not enough to stop or reduce HIV infection but there is need to take drastic and holistic measures in order to save next generation.