— Govt. calls for community participastion in mitigating HIV/AIDS pandemic

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Govt. calls for community participation in mitigating HIV/AIDS pandemic


Chikankata, December 2nd,  2014,ZANIS —- Chikankata District Administrator Trevor Kayanda has called on residents in the area to reflect on the progress made towards halting and reversing the spread of HIV/AIDS.



Mr. Kayanda says it was important that residents in the area reflected on how to address the continued stigma was affecting people living with HIV/AIDS at family and community level.



“This is the stigma that our theme is trying to address where family members, community members and health workers can become a hindrance for one to acquire a service, “ he said.



He said that due to this stigma, we have seen people coming for Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) and ART services at a late stage and this has reduced their chances of survival.



Mr. Kayanda said communities can help a great deal in the areas of reducing stigma and discrimination and new infections by preventive care and support messages, while the health facilities will strive to reduce HIV related deaths.



He stated that Government has put in various measures such as HIV workplace policy to ensure that Victims of Stigma and Discrimination are supported and have space to overcome the fear of stigma and pain arising from this scourge.



Speaking at the same event, Chikankata Mission Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Chilaika said that the country has lost a lot of people as a result of HIV/AIDS, people who should have greatly contributed toward our development at various levels.



Dr. Chilaika said the epidemic has brought about increasing number of orphans, widows, widowers and other vulnerable people in the communities and indeed in the country as a whole.