Public workers in Shang’ombo advised to refrain from corruption

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Shangombo District Commissioner, Dominic Lisulo, has cautioned all heads of departments in the district against engaging themselves in corrupt practices.


Speaking during an Anti-Corruption Commission sensitization meeting held in the council chamber, Mr Lisulo said it was important for all civil servants in the district to observe professionalism and level headedness in their line of duty.


Mr Lisulo further urged civil servants not to be involved in partisan politics especially that the country is headed towards Presidential by elections on January 20, 2015.


He warned that any officer found practicing corruption during and after the election will face the full wrath of the law and that those interested in partisan politics are free to do so after resigning, explaining that all workers employed by government are expected to be loyal to the government of the day.


And speaking at the same meeting Anti-Corruption Commission Senior Community Education Officer, Rebecca Mulengwa, observed that civil servants are appointed by the President to provide various services to communities of their operation.


Ms Mulengwa explained that it is, therefore, wrong for civil servants to solicit gifts from members of the community as they provide services stressing that government pays all officers’ salaries.


He said in an event where the community decides to appreciate officers in form of gifts or money, government offices are obligated to ensure that such gifts are declared to the state through the office of the District Commissioner for documentation and further instructions.