Parallel PF conference opens in Kabwe

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Acting President Guy Scott has opened the parallel extra-ordinary Patriotic Front (PF) conference to elect new party president.

The new president will subsequently be adopted as party presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential by-election slated for January, 20, 2015.

Dr. Scott has since appointed Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe as chairperson of the general conference that will see a new leader elected to succeed the late President Michael Sata.

Several delegates have gathered at the main arena while accreditation is still going on.

Presidential aspirants, who are already at the conference, include Kasama Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba, Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda, Commerce Minister Robert Sichinga and Youth and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili.

Others are Agriculture Minister Wylbur Simuusa, Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and Seleman Pangula.

Former first lady Christine Kaseba is yet to arrive at Mulungushi Rock of Authority ahead of the election.

The mood at the general conference is calm and peaceful.

Yesterday, an extra-ordinary PF national conference elected Defense Minister Edgar Lungu as the new party president after going through unopposed following the failure by eight other contestants to attend the conference.

However, acting president Guy Scoot declared the election of Mr. Lungu as null and void saying procedure was not followed and hence the new conference would be held at the same venue today.

But PF national chairperson, Inonge Wina has obtained at injunction ordering that the ongoing national conference in Kabwe be stopped.

The injunction has further ordered that if the conference continues, those behind it risk being cited for contempt of court.

It states that no nomination, adoption or election of any candidate should go ahead after the injunction.

But Ms. Masebo said she was not aware of the injunction and that she had not been served with a copy of the same.

And Mrs. Wina has since given Mr. Lungu a certification of adoption as PF candidate for the forthcoming presidential by-election.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lungu has made changes to the PF leadership appointing a Mr. Davis Chama as new Secretary General of the party.

Mr. Lungu said he has since relieved Bridget Atanga, together with her deputy, Anthony Kasolo, of their duties as PF Secretary General and deputy Secretary General respectively.

The newly elected PF president has also suspended chairperson for elections, Sylvia Masebo for indiscipline.


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