Govt committed to deliver on time – Seyuba

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Govt committed to deliver on time – Seyuba


Kalabo, Nov 29/14 ZANIS——–Government says it will soon help farmers to access soft loans to enable them boost their farming methods.


Western Province Permanent Secretary, Augustine Seyuba, disclosed the development and asked farmers to form cooperatives so that it could be easier for government to help in lobbing lending institutions to assist them access the Soft loans.


Mr Seyuba was speaking to peasant farmers on Thursday during an interactive meeting organized by the District Administrative Office for farmers in Kalabo held at the Council Chambers.


The Permanent Secretary further told farmers that late payments of their produce would be a thing of the past as government would begin paying them as soon as they supplied their crops.


He said government would also ensure that farmers receive farm inputs on time to grantee food security.


And the farmers appealed to government to consider giving Western Province farm inputs as early as July because of the floods that usually wash away seeds.


They complained that the late delivery of farm inputs disadvantaged all farmers in Western Province.


The farmers also told the Permanent Secretary to help them have vaccines readily available in the district as opposed to travelling to Lusaka to buy drugs, a development that they said was too expensive for a peasant farmer.


Mr Seyuba assured the farmers that government would do everything possible to help them access vaccines closer and to improve their livelihood.