KK calls for respect, peace tolerance in transition period

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First President Kenneth Kaunda has called for respect, peace and tolerance in the country as Zambians go through the presidential transition.


Dr. Kaunda said there was need for a stable transition to the presidential by-elections and the new president.


He said from the jubilee anniversary and the death of President Michael Sata, there was need for the country to emerge strengthened, peaceful and truly united.


In a statement availed to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Dr. Kaunda noted that what the country would be like in 50 years’ time would be largely determined by the Zambian people themselves.


He added that Zambia’s continued relative stability would be determined by what actions its citizens would presently make.


Dr. Kaunda further said it was very important for the country to do its best to act for the good of Zambia now and in future.


He noted that now was the time to improve relationships within and across parties and respect the humanity of others.


Dr. Kaunda also said there was need to finally realize that the country was “One Zambia and One Nation” in order to sustain the stability that was built over a long time.


He said the country should honour those who greatly contributed to Zambia by doing its best to act for peace.


Dr. Kaunda emphasized that it was only in love, peace and cooperation that the country could develop in a sustainable manner.