Developers bemoan high cement prices

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Developers bemoan high cement prices

Shiwang`andu, November 28, 2014, ZANIS… Developers in Shiwang`andu district of Muchinga Province have bemoaned the high prices of cement in the area.

Speaking on behalf of other developers Rachael Banda said cement has become expensive hence individual construction works moving at a slow pace adding that the building material was now costing K100 per 50kg bag from K85.00.

ZANIS reports that Ms. Banda said that the price for cement has disadvantaged developers especially those in informal jobs to build their own houses as rentals in Shiwangándu district were very high.

She charged that developing Shiwang`andu is not only the responsibility of Government but also of the local people but that the cost of cement was affecting development.

Ms. Banda has therefore called on Government to ensure that the price

for cement is reduced in order to promote infrastructure development in Shiwang`andu.

Ms. Banda said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Shiwang`andu today.

Meanwhile, a Sales man at the Cement Shop Dennis Sinyangwe said that prices for cement are high because transportation  from Lusaka or Tanzania to Shiwang`andu was expensive.

Mr. Sinyangwe said that if prices are to be reduced cement manufacturers ought to open wholesale centres in Provincial towns so that transportation of cement could be cheaper resulting in reduction of the product.