Chief Chizela calls for conservation farming

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Chief Chizela of the Kaonde   people in Mufumbwe in North Western Province has appealed to his subjects to engage in conservation farming during this year’s farming season.


Chief Chizela said farmers in the area stand to benefit from conservation farming because the method ensures increased production.


He stated that having more people adopt alternative ways of farming will go a long way in ensuring food security in the country.


Chief Chizela said he had for this reason embarked on an awareness campaign of conservation farming in the area.


The traditional leader was speaking in Mufumbwe yesterday during the chief’s demonstration of conservation farming to people of Mufumbwe.


“People should do this type of farming because it improves the soil and protects land that they can use for years and years,” he said.


Meanwhile, Senior Agricultural Officer, Lutangu Litiya, commended the traditional leader for adopting newer methods of farming.


Mr Litiya implored farmers in the district to take up new methods and technologies that will promote agriculture in the country.


“We encourage other ways of farming because land is not growing but our population is; so meaning we need to work on the soils now for future generation,”    Mr Litiya said.


The conservation farming demonstration was attended by the District Commissioner, Mankishi Mukokwe, heads of government departments and various residents of Chizela chiefdom in Mufumbwe.



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