Grand Coalition resolute on new constitution

JCTR Director Leonard Chiti - Left
JCTR Director Leonard Chiti - Left

The Grand Coalition on the Demand for the People Driven Constitution says it is resolute to ensuring all 2015 presidential aspirants make the enactment of a new constitution a campaign issue.

Chairperson Leonard Chiti says the coalition is concerned that amidst the ongoing processes of adopting the 2015 presidential candidates by some political parties, the discourse on the new constitution appears to have been put aside.

Father Chiti says they find it particularly disappointing that even people like Justice and Defence Minister Edgar Lungu, who had earlier shown commitment to the current constitution making process, seems to have readjusted his attention.

He has told Qfm News that this will however not derail the coalition’s firmness to ensuring a new constitution is enacted before the 2016 general elections.

Father Chiti says it s for this reason that the Grand Coalition has resolved to ensure presidential candidates sign the social contract to commit themselves to the enactment of the new constitution before 2016.

He states that should any of the presidential hopefuls renege on their commitment once elected into office, it will be a demonstration of not wanting to govern the country based on the wishes of the Zambian people.

Father Chiti states that such a politician will also imply that he or she has been elected president only to serve his/her selfish political interests and is therefore dishonest, cannot be trusted and does not mean well for the country.

He notes that Zambia presently lacks people of integrity who stand and act on their word.