ZANAPA commends PF for reconciling

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——-The Zambia National Pensions Association (ZANAPA) in Serenje District in Central Province, has commended PF Members of the Central Committee (MCC) and acting President, Guy Scott, for having reconciled.

 ZANAPA Serenje District Chairperson, Ewen Chansa, who was flanked by District Treasurer, Kunda Chibuye, told ZANIS in an interview today that the reconciliation shows unity and respect to the acting president.

Mr Chansa said some statements that were being issued by some PF MCC members were not impressive to the public and should still be avoided.

He said the PF MCC members should lead by example as the ruling party and stop issuing negative statements against Dr Scott.

The ZANAPA Chairpersn said he expects to always hear positive and constructive statements from PF MCC members and not contradicting statements.

Mr Chansa added whatever the acting president is doing in his office, he is following the laid- down procedures of the party constitution and the national constitution and he deserves maximum respect from the party leadership.

The ZANAP Chairperson said the conflicting statements among the PF members were not uniting people and building the nation but damaging the image of the party and the legacy of the late President, Michael Chilufya Sata.

Mr Chansa has since called the PF members to humble themselves, work in harmony and choose one candidate who is capable of leading the people when they go for the general conference at Mulugushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe on November 29.