Workers urged to refrain from active politics

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Civil servants working in Luwingu district of the Northern Province have been advised to refrain from engaging themselves in active politics but instead concentrate on their  work.


Acting District Commissioner Deodatus Munsungwe sounded the warning during a meeting for heads of government departments held in his office yesterday.


Mr Munsungwe instructed heads of government departments to sensitize their subordinates to refrain from engaging themselves in active politics because they were already employed and instead leave politics to cadres.


Mr Munsungwe said those interested in politics should resign from the civil service and join politics.


“This is a timely warning, i will not hesitate to recommend for dismissal if you are found wanting. I know some of you supporting certain individuals for the top job. This is wrong. Let us ensure that we concentrate on our jobs,” he warned.


Mr Munsungwe noted that although the happenings in various political parties attract certain comments from civil servants, it was not their duty to pass running commentaries but leave such to the cadres who are in charge.


He however appealed to the government workers that when time comes for voting they should go and cast their vote.