DACO gets tough on dig owners

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DACO gets tough on dig owners

Nchelenge, 25 November, 2014, ZANIS…Nchelenge District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO) Stanford Nkhoma has advised  dog owners in the area to account for their pets.

Mr. Nkhoma said the Tie-up-order Act should be re-enforced and urged the people to be responsible and account for their dogs.

He said the Laws of Zambia under Cap 247 provides for control of dogs through the Tie-up-order act which people must respect.

The DACO said dog owners must respect the provisions of the law by having their pets accounted for and vaccinated.

Mr. Nkhoma was speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Nchelenge today.

He further said a candid sensitization programme to raise awareness on the Tie-Up-Order has been drawn by the department of livestock and veterinary services in conjunction with the Council.

He noted that the sensitization will commence soon following the  consultative efforts between the two implementing agencies.

The DACO has urged dog owners to cooperate with the officers and take their pets for vaccination at the veterinary department to avoid any eminent danger of rabies breaking out.

Mr. Nkhoma disclosed that after the wave of sensitization, the executing team will swing into action to destroy stray dogs including those that are not accounted for.

He said bullets for the programme that will also tackle the Island of Kilwa and Chisenga on the Mweru Lake have already been procured and are in police custody.

The marauding stray dogs especially at the two Islands have become a source of worry with unconfirmed reports of deaths resulting from dog attacks suspected to be rabid.