High Court consolidates PF injunction hearings

PF Deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga
Former PF Deputy Secretary General Bridget Atanga

The High Court has consolidated the matters in which two Patriotic Front members are seeking an injunction restraining the ruling party from going ahead to select its presidential candidate through the Central Committee and the General Conference.

This was when the matter in which Mulenga Fube a PF member has dragged PF Secretary General Bridget Atanga to court over the convening of the general conference to came up for hearing in chambers this afternoon.

Speaking to journalists after the case was heard in chambers this afternoon; Keith Mweemba who is representing Mulenga Fube said Judge Chinga Chitoba gave a directive on how the two parties should proceed.

Mr. Mweemba explained that though there was no agreed position at first, there was a slight difference on how to proceed by consensus.

He has stated that at the end of the day, both parties were speaking the same language despite some minor variations.
The ruling has since been set for this Friday at 08:30 hours.

On 19th November, PF founder member, Gershom Mumba – an economist and financial consultant of Sable Road in Kabulonga – filed an injunction restraining the ruling party’s Central Committee from nominating a sole candidate for the presidential election.

On the other hand, Mulenga Fube dragged the ruling party to court seeking an injunction to restrain the party from convening the general conference scheduled for this Friday.




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