Chitala cautions MMD

Mbita Chitala
MBITA Chitala

Political activist Mbita Chitala has cautioned that the MMD risks being just part of Zambia’s history if it continues on the path it is currently on.

Dr. Chitala, who is also a founder member of the MMD, has reminded the former ruling party to be wary that the abuse of rules does not build organizations like political parties.

In an interview with Qfm News, Dr. Chitala says it thus important that the former ruling party’s constitution, rules and old members are respected especially by the new members that have joined the party.

Dr. Chitala has suggested that the alleged greed the new members that have taken over the MMD have exhibited is what brings about unnecessary misunderstandings.

He states the logical this the MMD should have done was to allow the ruling PF to choose a leader who could finish one year and some months remaining of late President Michael Sata’s term.

Dr Chitala says this smartness would have helped to avoid spending money on contesting the 2015 presidential election.




  1. Is any mortal promised a day or a term for that matter? Please leave what is beyond human capability to Him who determines destiny. That president Sata expired before the end of the 5 year term should be reason to understand that he was not qualified for it. Only God knows