Hichilema assures street vendors he will not remove them

HH rally at Twashuka Ground in Kanyama Nov 23 2014
HH rally at Twashuka Ground in Kanyama Nov 23 2014

Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has assured street vendors across the country that he will not remove them from their respective trading places if elected Republican President.

And Mr. Hichilema says one of his top priorities if voted into office will be to reduce the electricity tariffs which he believes are way too high for most people to afford.

Speaking during a rally at Twashuka Ground in Kanyama this afternoon, Mr. Hichilema says his government will also ensure that local authorities manage land effectively.

He says his cabinet will have people from all provinces stating that his party is in a hurry to develop Zambia not on tribal lines.

He adds that the people of Zambia should not make the mistake they made in 2011 by putting the PF in government.

Mr. Hichilema, who called for a moment of silence in honor of late Republican President Michael Sata, says what the people of Zambia need is a selfless leader who can correct the mistakes of the PF.


 Report by Albert Mpezeni




  1. LV it’s always good to be true to self and report objectively and in totality of what HH said about removal of vendors from the streets than providing half truths. I and many others that heard what HH said on vendors is that he would not move them without first finding alternative space for them to carry on conducting their business.

  2. when MCS did that these guys condemned, as they used to criticise and condemn everything,,,! now even if one MCS himself left them there, that’s not a lasting solution so now why vote Pf out of office if the new party will be doing the same things,,,?

  3. If you walk the streets you would have changed policy, its dirty nw you ar supporting them nonsense!

  4. This is cheap campaign. Why even promising to continue nonsense, becaz l wnted 2 vote 4 u basin on my assumption dat u clean up de streets by proper policy directions. For these lies u hav started showin, you won’t c my vote.