— Kasempa DC calls for killing of stray dogs in the area

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Kasempa DC calls for killing of stray dogs in the area

Kasempa, November 21, – A total of 148 dogs were vaccinated against rabies in the last quarter of 2014 in Kasempa district while 23 people were reported to have been treated of rabies.

Meanwhile scores of Kasempa residents have called on the local Authority to ensure that all stray dogs are killed to prevent the outbreak of Rabies.

The call was made during an epidemic preparedness committee meeting which held today to put in place measure and  identify  places for quarantining people in case of an outbreak.

One of the participants, Ardon Shawa expressed concern on the increased number of stray dogs within the district  and wondered why the relevant authorizes have allowed unvaccinated dogs to continue living among people.

Meanwhile Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayekesi has implored on the district council to work together with the department of Veterinary in getting rid stray dogs by way of shooting them.

Kayakesi said stray dogs are a nuisance to the public and hence strong measure should be put in place to prevent transmission of rabies because the drug for treating rabies is expensive.

And Kasempa District Medical Officer Edger Mutimushi said the urban clinic has not yet purchased a specific refrigerator for storage of the drugs.

“The drug cost about K500 to treat an individual and therefore it is expensive on the part of the local people to purchase”, he said.


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