Distribution of farming inputs under Food Security Pack commences in Chavuma

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The Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health in Chavuma District of North-western Province has commenced the distribution exercise of farming inputs to low capacity households under the Food Security Pack.


Acting Assistant Community Development Officer Lutombi Sitaka told ZANIS that the distribution exercise commenced this morning following the arrival of rice and maize seed yesterday.


Mr. Sitaka said 640 x 50 Kilogram bags of D Compound, 300 x 10 Kg bags of Maize seed and 100 x 10 kg bags of rice seed have already arrived in the district.


He also said 400 x 10 kg bags of groundnuts have also been received adding that the district is expecting to receive Urea fertilizer soon.


Mr. Sitaka said 800 households will benefit from the programme for the next two years after which they will be weaned off in order for other vulnerable households to benefit from the programme.


He has since urged all the recipients to take the programme seriously so that they are able to stand on their own once they are weaned off from the programme in 2016 and join cooperatives where they can access inputs under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).